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    Score808 tyson fury fight – Boxing fury vs Francis

    Score808 tyson fury

    take noe that here we also cover score808 motogp live up and many motsports like f1On paper, the Chang International Circuit in Buriram should be a Ducati track.

    Then Looking at the track outline, it consists of one long straight, two very long straights, and a squiggly bit in between. Surely with all that point-and-squirt, Ducatis should have dominated at Buriram?

    Not quite. Track layouts on paper often flatter to deceive, and that is very much the case with the Chang circuit. Yes, there are two corners where you are accelerating hard from a very low gear, and there are three corners where you are braking very hard

    Also Buriram is one of the hardest braking circuits on the calendar, and one of three with Motegi and Spielberg where the use of either 340mm or 355mm front brake discs is compulsory. But from Turn 4 through to Turn 11, the circuit flows. You need a bike that turns, that can carry corner speed and not push wide.

    It is very much a circuit of two halves. The short front straight leads to the first of the hard braking zones, a sharp right hander. It is also the first place where you can try a pass, though it is a big risk.

    Then just because Turn 1 leads onto the long back straight – technically two straights, as it is a 1km section of track with a very fast kink in the middle, designated Turn 2 – getting drive on the exit of the corner is imperative. Mess up here and people will fly past you before you get past the halfway mark.

    Score 808 MotoGP Live

    At the end of that kilometer, there is another intense braking zone, where riders shed over 250 km/h of speed, dropping from over 330 km/h to just under 80 km/h for the entry to Turn 3. That is another complex corner, a long hairpin turning back on itself.

    score808 motogp

    Be also aware that the length and radius of the corner offer a range of lines, meaning you can enter wide and cut across the apex to try to carry speed through the exit and onto the straight leading down to Turn 4, but you can also turn it into a V, entering earlier, stopping the bike on its nose and trying to stand it up and fire it out as hard as you can.

    Now the Down the next back straight, and another 800 meters to gather speed before Turn 4, a very fast left kink, and the first left in about half the track.


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