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Basic Things to Know about Darts as a Beginner

    Basic Things to Know about Darts as a Beginner

    Darts is a fine and good game, but to some people at some places all around the world, they refuse to call this beautiful sport a sport, probably because it’s not common like the famous football and Basketball and Rugby etc.

    During that moment that you are a beginner in the game of darts, you must practice a lot in order to master the game, and although this matter applies to almost all sports and games

    Surely it is especially important in the game of darts, knowing the rules and purchasing basic supplies for the game of darts, Dedicating enough time to practice helps a person to improve in shooting darts.

    And of course good gameplay varies from person to person, and spending more money will not lead to a better experience, but it can improve the quality of the equipment, but it will not make you a better player.

    The Major importance of learning the rules of dart

    This may seem obvious, but it is necessary to mention it because many people start playing without having the slightest idea about the rules of darts.

    The game to a stranger may seem very simple, which is just seeing the target and throwing darts at it, but the game of darts is easy only when looking superficially, but in fact, this game is not an easy game, and one of the main things to do is to start learning the rules as soon as possible for a person to be able to score goals in the game, and it must be known that there are many different types, and each game has special rules, so at the beginning, it is necessary to focus on learning the rules of the typical game. [1]

    Top Ways to catch arrows

    Now other thing to know is that the effective way to shoot correctly is to hold the arrows properly, for beginners, you can start holding the arrow with two fingers, three, four or even five, a person can choose what he finds comfortable, the best way to choose a good grip is to catch the arrow at the point where Its weight is very concentrated and thrown, and the easiest way to start is by holding it like a person would hold a pencil.

    But usually, the arrow barrel indicates the best number of fingers to use, for example, brass or tungsten barrels are best gripped with four fingers, while nickel barrels can be held with three fingers.

    And when holding the arrows, care must be taken not to tighten the grip to a large extent so that this does not lead to a defect in throwing, and the grip should also not be relaxed because this could lead to a defect in the course of the arrows.

    The correct stance in the game of darts

    While playing darts, the dart must be thrown from a certain place, usually 7 feet and a quarter of an inch from the face of the dart board. When players practice throwing darts, they do not pay much attention to the stance, but it is essential in the shooting process. Maintaining a good stance improves stability, and improves from the pitch.

    Similar to the fist, there is no right or wrong way to stand while shooting darts, as long as the person maintains balance and feels comfortable, and although it depends to a large extent on the person’s preference and comfort, there are basic rules that help the person stand in a way that helps him To shoot properly.

    But the golden rule in standing is by driving with the foot of the dominant hand , and in the event that you are a right-handed person, the right foot must be placed in the foreground, in order to achieve the maximum strength of stability and accuracy in throwing.

    Perfect ways to throw in the game

    The object of darts is simply to throw darts at the board, and the first thing to know is the position of the arm, as you should always start by extending the arm and raising it to a level parallel to the ground.

    The next step is to focus on the board while holding the arrows comfortably, and if the arm is positioned correctly when holding the arrow, the person can have a clear line of sight.

    After setting the target, the forearm must be pulled back while maintaining the stability of the arm and shoulder. The main and most important thing for a stable throw is to keep the arm and shoulder area as stable as possible, and focus on the movement of the wrist and forearm.

    Manchester City 0 – [1] Sevilla – Youssef En-Nesyri 25′

    However, one of the mistakes that many beginners make is that they pull their hands back immediately after shooting the arrows, and this affects the aerodynamics of the arrows, and also affects the direction and stability of the arrow.


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